Failure recovery testing framework for microservice-based applications

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US Patent US9842045B2
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Abstract. Systems and methods are provided for resiliency testing microservice-based applications. For example, a method for resiliency testing an application includes receiving a test script that specifies a failure scenario in a distributed microservice-based application comprising a plurality of microservices, and an asserted behavioral expectation of at least one microservice of the distributed microservice-based application in response to the specified failure scenario. The specified failure scenario is translated into fault injection rules. The fault injection rules are utilized to execute fault injection operations on messages that are exchanged between at least a first microservice and a second microservice of the distributed microservice-based application, to stage the specified failure scenario during the failure recovery testing of the distributed microservice-based application. The asserted behavioral expectation of the at least one microservice is compared with an observed behavior of the at least one microservice in response to the execution of the fault injection operations.