QoX: Quality of Service and Consumption in the Cloud

, and
USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud '16)
Denver, CO,
Abstract. Cloud services today are increasingly built using functionality from other running services. In this paper, we question whether legacy Quality of Services (QoS) metrics and enforcement techniques are sufficient as they are producer centric. We argue that, similar to customer rating systems found in banking systems and many sharing economy apps (e.g., Uber and Airbnb), Quality of Consumption (QoC) should be introduced to capture different metrics about service consumers. We show how the combination of QoS and QoC, dubbed QoX, can be used by consumers and providers to improve the security and management of their infrastructure. In addition, we demonstrate how sharing information among other consumers and providers increase the value of QoX. To address the main challenge with sharing information, namely sybil attacks and mis-information, we describe how we can leverage cloud providers as vouching authorities to ensure the integrity of information. We explore the motivations, challenges, and potentials to introduce such a framework in the cloud environment.
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