Rule-Based Problem Classification in IT Service Management

, and
IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing
Bangalore, India,
Abstract. Problem management is a critical and expensive element for delivering IT service management and touches various levels of managed IT infrastructure. While problem management has been mostly reactive, recent work is studying how to leverage large problem ticket information from similar IT infrastructures to probatively predict the onset of problems. Because of the sheer size and complexity of problem tickets, supervised learning algorithms have been the method of choice for problem ticket classification, relying on labeled (or pre-classified) tickets from one managed infrastructure to automatically create signatures for similar infrastructures. However, where there are insufficient preclassified data, leveraging human expertise to develop classification rules can be more efficient. In this paper, we describe a rule-based crowdsourcing approach, where experts can author classification rules and a social networkingbased platform (called xPad) is used to socialize and execute these rules by large practitioner communities. Using real data sets from several large IT delivery centers, we demonstrate that this approach balances between two key criteria: accuracy and cost effectiveness.
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