Managing Process Assets in a Global IT Service Delivery Environment

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International Conference on BPM
Hoboken, NJ,
Abstract. At IBM, we recognize that our processes are our business. This is especially true in the area of IT Delivery where we have long been focused on the management and reuse of process assets. The current economic climate and advances in technology are rapidly driving IT Delivery to a truly global model. This transition greatly expands the scope of the process assets which need to be managed at a global level to include even the lowest level processes for service delivery. Customers, many of whom are also global, expect consistent quality and reasonable cost, regardless of from where services are delivered. The global management and reuse of IT Delivery process assets at all levels is no longer a desired objective but rather a business imperative. In this paper, we describe a system we are developing to manage, govern, and evolve process assets on a global scale by leveraging expertise of the entire IT Delivery community. We describe the history of the effort, the business drivers, the challenges and solutions we have devised, as well as future work.
Keywords. Crowd computing, IT service delivery, business process management, governance, service quality
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